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Harsh Truth of the School World

Published On : 2016-06-06

One after another, all the results are being declared. HSC, ISC, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and SSC. When a child scores well, everyone expresses joy and their best wishes. Percentages are declared and proud parents are shouting their kids’ success stories over social media. At the same time, a child who may have not scored as well, begins to feel embarrassment of the highest order. They feel ashamed, refuse to discuss their scores with anyone, and just shy from all social interaction, till the euphoria dies down.

A few months later, after the college admissions are done, nobody remembers anyone’s scores. Yesterday’s heroes slip by the wayside and away from people’s memories. So why do we give so much importance to those marks? It is no indication or guarantee of a successful career or life. The entire system sucks, because children are deprived of the pleasure and experience of learning. The focus of their education is how to score well, and not how well have they learned. The need is a system where education will be a joy for each child. The rat race for marks should be abolished and emphasis should be on understanding and enriching the child with positive learning experiences.

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