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Image is how you project yourself, for others to perceive, through your dressing, body language, and mannerisms.

People often judge others in the first few seconds of meeting, and based on this first impression, they form an opinion about the person.

It is therefore; extremely important to project an image that creates a powerful first impression in your personal, professional, and social life.

Many people believe that using the services of fashion designers or luxury brands are ideal solutions for a better image. But, only a trained image consultant can help people dress appropriately to project the right image.

An image consultant works with people in the following areas:

  • Dressing as per body shape and personal colouring and skin tone.
  • Creating a personal style in dressing.
  • Shopping smart, to make the most of every item in your wardrobe.
  • Etiquette, using body language and manners to your advantage.


While clothing seems like the most important aspect of an image consultant's job, body language is an extremely significant mode of communication. An image consultant advises a client on appropriate body language and etiquette, since they are crucial to creating an image. Correct etiquette while communicating, dining, dressing etc. in business and social situations can boost an individual's image.

Twenty-first century etiquette encompasses much more than knowing which fork and knife to use. The demands placed on today's professionals surpass any experienced in the past. The awareness of correct etiquette gives people an edge and boosts their ability to interact with others socially and professionally in a more sensitive manner. Etiquette teaches compassion and increases self-confidence. It is the most important investment with a lifetime of return.

Remember: To be a man, is a matter of birth.

To be a gentleman, is a matter of choice.


Rakhee Gupta, a trained Image Consultant from India and an International Etiquette Consultant from UK, is a soft spoken, gentle woman with ideas that help groom individuals for a smart personality and a lasting good impression. A graduate from Mumbai University, she practised journalism for five years in the print and television media, before giving it up to be a full time mother.

She now conducts programmes on Corporate Etiquette, Finishing Programmes for adults as well as Etiquette Programmes for teenagers and children. She teaches not just the social graces, but also helps individuals build up their confidence and self-esteem, which helps them in interpersonal interactions. Her programmes concentrate on helping the learners create a positive image through appropriate dressing, social etiquettes, the art of conversation and the art of dining. Once learned properly, good manners become lifelong habits helping shape the personality and assisting in the overall development of the individual.

As a mother she realised that teaching children good manners, as they grow, comes as a challenge to many parents. Keeping these difficulties in mind, her programmes for children and teenagers have been specifically designed to not just teach them manners and moral values but also help them adapt and be more accepting of people outside their comfort zone and cultures. The aim is to prepare them to be responsible and well-behaved members of society.

  • The workshop had much more to it than what was expected. It reminded us women to look after ourselves and how with a little effort we can cope with all our different roles in today‚Äôs world. This workshop has helped me to understand myself. I thank you for coming and giving your time and sharing your experience. Stay blessed.

    • Payal Rao
  • The workshop was good learning. Many things are known but never followed. After attending the workshop they will be followed.
    I loved your way of speaking and sharing information. Thank you for the knowledge.

    • Shradha Bali
  • It was indeed incredible. Rakhee stated rightly, that we all know the basics. But we were ignorant and never had such insights. This is sheer awareness imparted to deal with the daily routine. Well acknowledged and appreciated, would love to indulge more in-depth.

    • Dimple Bashal
  • The workshop had a lot to learn and take home from. Learnt about good dressing sense. The behavioural session helped to be professional, & with body language at work.

    • Andrea Mere
  • Finally, I will get my shoes right post your Etiquette workshop. Your tips were fantastic and knowledge shared was really informative. Business etiquette and manners are most important when it comes to interactions with clients, partners, and customers. Your inputs were really valuable. I would recommend your workshop to all for self-improvement and personality development. All the best Rakhee for your future endeavors and keep nurturing entrepreneurs.

    • Mangesh Pawar (Director-VDOO Travel)
  • The business etiquette workshop you conducted was really amazing. It not only taught me the body language that I should adopt during the business meetings but has is also helped me analyse the behavior of the people I am interacting with during these meetings. During the workshop, I was really impressed with your in-depth knowledge of the subject that you were imparting to us. The session was crisp and to the point. This session of yours has given me tremendous confidence in referring your services in my contact sphere.

    • Nimish Mayekar
  • It was more than my expectations. Knowledge and Techniques of the trainer were excellent. Very nice. The overall experience was good. I have gained a lot from this workshop. My ability to handle situations will improve. Learning from this workshop was more than expectations.

    • Ganesh Gori
  • The workshop was more informative than I expected. It gave me a lot of tips to improve my table manners. I am looking forward to having many more detailed workshops like this time in future. It was a wonderful experience. Very informative and connected to the subject in the first few minutes of the workshop.

    • Deepika Mudaliyar
    • The best part of the workshop was the dining experience.
    • Even the types of handshake were something new to learn.
    • And I am trying my best to sit straight.
    • Since last 2 days I have made an extreme effort to lock my legs and sit. But I would still say   WORK IN PROGRESS
    • Honestly, magic words are helping me but I haven't still mastered the art of smiling gradually I will   try that as well.

    • Mehreen Merchant
  • "Good manners have much to do with the emotions. To make them ring true, one must feel them, not merely exhibit them" is a quote by Amy Vanderbilt.
    It was only when I met Rakhee, post her training in London, that I felt the need and decided that I too needed to exhibit my good manners. I decided to take a course with her. She taught me simple things like how to walk in your stiletto heels or how to have a clear soup v/s a thick soup, body posture...... In a gist, how to carry yourself. She made the whole process fun to learn. Moreover she explained the importance of all the above in a very simple way. All that I have learnt from her till now has benefitted me a lot and I'm hoping to learn more and more from her.

    • Smita Deo
  • Rakhee's guidance on dressing right has helped me a great deal. Not only I managed to drop 2 sizes with the right clothes, but also learnt the importance of wearing clothes which accentuate the plus points and hide your flaws. She has in-depth knowledge about her subject and a passion for it which comes through. I wish her all the best and am sure she will make a mark in this field for herself.

    • Pooja Jain
  • Rakhee Gupta did a fantastic job in motivating the kids before the ramp walk for the India Kids Fashion Week 2016 at Mumbai and Delhi auditions.She is great with kids and the entire team was glad to get associated with her. She has an in-depth knowledge in her field and has a great ability to put it across to the kids in a fun and structured manner.

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